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:: Prices listed on this page are wholesale to shops AND to individuals ::

This page has been set up as a kind of catch-all for all the miscellaneous natural history, bizarre artifacts, jewelry, clothes, and ornamentation for your body that does not involve piercing, curated selections for your wunderkammer (cabinet of curiousities), ritual items for your altar, unique, odd, and wonderful gifts for your friends, and strange things to hang upon your walls and with which to deck your halls. Enjoy!!!

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Our Cafepress shop

*cafepress 4X4 grid thumbnails organic poppy mandala Kikuyu woman dakini girl pink dogwood flower blossom shirts long short sleeve bags box magnets pillow pajamas infant onesie*

We have an online shop set up at where you can order various fun items with the poppy mandala, dakini girl, dogwood flower, and other designs on them.
We've designed such goodies as:
a clock, mugs, a hat, bags, stickers, long and short sleeved shirts, magnets, pajamas,
an amazing wooden jewelry box with a tile top, a bike messenger style bag, and more!
They take care of all the ordering, taking payment, returns, all that good stuff, so it's a separate deal from us. We get a cut from each item sold. What's really fun is that they print them one at a time, so if only one person orders an item, they'll have a one-of-a-kind product.
Please check it out - we're really excited about it!!!

Etsy shop

We set up our very own Etsy shop!

Therein you will find:
cut sections of bamboo, ebony slices, porcupine quills, snake ribs, bone tapers and talons, coconutwood rounds and beads, dentalium, a cow horn, horn tusks and spirals, jet blocks, antique jet faceted beads or necklaces, Baltic amber and copal specimens, Baltic amber cabochons or cylinders,
many stone rods, cylinders, beads, talons, and tubes
(jade, serpentine, aventurine, goldstone, red jasper, etc.),
tools for other makers, o-rings, semi-finished supplies, antique tribal pieces, cloth from Java, and bulk deals - only found there, and not on this normal website! Please check it out!

Organic poppy mandala shirts

*organic green tan poppy mandala cotton shirts*

A green and tan version of our poppy mandala design,
printed onto black 100percent cotton short sleeved shirts!
They are available in adult men's sizes 2XL, and 3XL.
We have sold out of S, M, L, and XL adult sizes.
Please click the text link for size charts; they seem to run just a touch on the big (and long) side.
2XL and 3XL shirts are $13/each.

*organic gold red poppy mandala cotton shirts*

We printed a new version with red and metallic gold/bronze (instead of the green and tan) at the beginning of June 2017 for the APP conference and expo in Las Vegas!
They were $15/each and are already SOLD OUT.
We only printed about 2 dozen zip-front hoodies ($50), which also had an anatomical heart with spirals in red on the front left panel, but those have already all been sold as well.

Thai tattoo magic square tiger shirt

*organic green tan poppy mandala cotton shirts*
*organic green tan poppy mandala cotton shirts*

Thai tattoo magic square with a tiger on a grey colored t-shirt.
These symbols are tattooed as protection and good luck charms (sak yant).
The back has a bright red maker's symbol printed in the upper middle.
Only this one piece available. XL only. $20.

Indonesian items

Erica studied Indonesian language and culture for two months on East Java in Summer 2013,
and managed to find various goodies to tempt and amaze you!
Have a look below, and also check out additional photos posted here.
Please click on each of the thumbnails below to view larger versions (not posted at life size).

Kris knife from Bali

*Balinese keris knife kris with bone sheath and stand*

Balinese keris knife (kris) with bone sheath
and metal stand (not shown). $250.

Dayak tribe (Borneo) beaded bags

Please click on these smaller thumbnails to view larger photos,
but note these have not been posted at actual size,
unlike the rest of the images on this site (unless noted).

*East Kalimantan Dayak beaded bags wallets*

Colorful beaded bags, pouches, and wallets newly made by
the Dayak of East Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo). $20-$25/each.
The white and blue wallet has a zipper,
and the rest have Velcro closures.

Hairsticks and combs

Please click on these smaller thumbnails to view larger photos,
but note their neither have been posted at actual size,
unlike the rest of the images on this site.

*Tanimbar style Indonesia comb bone wood with stand*

Newly made wood and bone
Tanimbar Island style Indonesia comb
with metal stand (not shown). $125.

*Balinese horn combs*

Fancy Balinese horn combs. $15/each.
One has SOLD.

*twisted Java Nordic torc hairsticks*

Twisted hairsticks from Java that resemble Nordic torcs.
Only $15/each.

*Javanese temple hairsticks*

Shorter Javanese hairsticks worn in pairs,
inserted in an elaborate hair-do near the temples.
$30/set of two.

*4 Indonesian fancy filigree hairsticks* *close-up fancy Indonesia hairstick*

Four Indonesian fancy filigree hairsticks. $25/each.
Called gunungan (like mountains).
From Solo (Surakarta), Central Java.
The bottom right (all silver colored) piece has SOLD.
The second image shows a close-up of one of the hairsticks.

*Thai hilltribe silver stash hairstick*

A large North Thai (or Laotian?) hilltribe (perhaps Hmong?) silver hairstick. $85.
I have seen a similar one described as "from the Phong people of Houa Phan province of Laos."
The top comes off to reveal the hollow center which can be used for storage (a stash area),
which was probably used traditionally to hold tobacco.
Approximately 1.26 ounces (35.8 grams) and 7-3/4" in length!
Please click on this thumbnail to view a larger photo (not posted at life size).

*now 3 silver Thai spiral hairsticks*

Thai thick silver spiral hairsticks are $24, $26, and $30/each respectively.

*now just 1 silver Thai spiral hairstick*

Silver hairsticks with spiral tops!
Prices are based on weight and current silver pricing, currently $28/each (two available).

*new poppy bud silver hairsticks*

Our poppy bud silver hairsticks!!! We were pretty excited to get these in.
Erica has had similar ones she wears herself, but we were unable to find any more.
We were finally able to get these ones shown custom made for us.
Please ask to be placed on our wait list as these are currently SOLD OUT.
The next batch might actually be a white bronze with silver plating to cut down on costs.
Or, made so that the bud is hollow to cut down on weight, with grain put inside to sound like seeds!
Please ask to be put on a wait list if these are of interest!

*wooden owl hair sticks hairstick*

Long wooden abstract owl hairsticks. $10/each.
To view a double life-sized image showing details of the owl, please click the above scan.

*2 black bamboo horn hairsticks*

Two black horn hairsticks with subtly different bamboo patterns; both have diagonal tops.
The top version has less length on the taper for hair, and has parallel node sections with tiny pits.
The bottom version has more length, and the node sections are zig-zagged. $15/each. ON HOLD

*NOW 2 light brown horn Chinese hair combs*
*NOW 1 light brown tan horn hair comb*

Horn combs! $8/each.
We have the two horn combs shown on the white background,
and the one shown with the darker wood background.
Unlike the one with the white background, this 2nd image has not been posted at life size.

*Oaxaca Mexico wooden hair combs with handles*

Wooden hair combs with handles from Oaxaca, Mexico. $12/each.
The second comb down has SOLD.
Additionally, there is another wood comb that is NOT SHOWN.
Please click on the thumbnail-sized image to view one posted at real size.

*Asian leaf foil hair ornament*

Beautiful Asian hair ornaments made from gold colored foil (brass? tin?)
with leaf designs, set on springs so that they wiggle with any movement.
These hairsticks with leaf and ribbon shapes are only $5/each.
Click on the thumbnail above to view an image at full size.

Ethnic headdresses (and ear ornaments!)

Please click on these smaller thumbnails to view larger photos,
but note their neither have been posted at actual size,
unlike the rest of the images on this site.

*Balinese headdress crown green* *Balinese headdress crown black*

Balinese headdress crown with mirrors and green or black accents. $25/each.
Please note that the mirrors come off easily.
These are made from paper, cloth, metal, and rattan struts.

*2 fancy headdresses dancers Indonesia*

Two fancy dancers' headdresses from Makassar (Sulawesi), Indonesia.
The elements are set on springs for movement. $30/each.

*Javanese dancers deer ears*

Javanese dancers' ornaments worn around and above the ears - the effect is like deer ears.
Technically, these are the form for male dancers! $45/set of two.

*Thai hilltribe womens hairpiece wig*

An unusual women's hairpiece/wig with multiple base metal (aluminum?) hairpins,
some of which are stamped or engraved, and some have incised edges. $125.
This was collected in North Thailand, and is either from one of the Thai hilltribes,
or possibly from another part of the Golden Triangle, such as Southern China.
Please click on this thumbnail to view a larger photo (not posted at life size).

Javanese cloth

*wayang shadow puppet design silk cloth blue* *wayang shadow puppet design silk cloth red*

Cloth with blue or red wayang (shadow puppet)
and mega mendung (cloud) designs with gold accents.
Click here to get a better idea of the overall layout of the design.
The cloth comes in approximately two meter segments,
and are priced at $30 for the two meters total. The edges are unfinished.
Only a small thumbnail section is shown out of each larger cloth design.

They are printed at the bottom edge with: "Batik Sutera Yogyakarta":
Batik is the style - this fabric was machine made.
Sutera means silk, but I'm not sure if this is actually silk or polyester. It's very soft and a bit heavy.
Yogyakarta is the city in Central Java where this fabric was made.

Red knotwork cloth

*red Celtic knotwork* *red dragon knotstika*

A red cloth with a simple Celtic knotwork border that could be used as a sarong or tablecloth ($25),
and a huge 82-1/2" by 97" red cloth tapestry or wall-hanging
with a swirling black Celtic dragon four-based knotwork pattern we like to call a knotstika ($30).
Please click these thumbnail-sized images to view larger versions (although still not at life size).

Thai Buddhist ritual cloth

*three Thai Buddhist monk magic charms cloth*

Three Thai ritual cloths with Buddhist monk magic charms. $20/each.
Please click this image to view a larger one (but not posted life-size).
The central piece has SOLD.

Thai cloth bags

*Thai hilltribe small wallet hand bag*

*Thai hilltribe medium hand bag*

Black fabric bags from Thailand with various embroidered elephant designs on the fronts.
The small one is posted at life size, and would be great for a wallet with its one pocket/section $6.
The medium bag is more purse-sized, and is posted at half size. It has two different pockets. $22.

Oval fabric-covered boxes

*5 oval nested chinese fabric boxes*

Five oval boxes (shown stacked up) that can nest inside each other. $25/set.
The largest measures approximately 4-3/8" on the short side,
5-3/4" on the long side of the oval, and 4" tall.
They have black patterned Chinese fabric brocade on the outsides.
Photo shown is a thumbnail only showing them stacked one upon the other and is not at life size.

Jewelry boxes

Round wooden boxes with either a carved and painted sun or Dayak designs, or
amazing juniperwood burl boxes (this one SOLD, but we can get similar ones, and even round ones)...

India stone flower inlay boxes*

India stone boxes with flower inlay. $20/pair. Lids shown on top, open insides shown below.
I was originally going to wax the lids to get them to stay on to make a huge pair of plugs
(with the lid acting as a big one-flare on the fronts), but just never got around to it.
The bottoms measure between 2-7/16" to 2-1/2" and perhaps could still be utilized as cylinders
without the inlaid lids. Or use them as jewelry stash boxes!

Buddhist ritual objects

*Yab-Yum tantra tantric Tibetan figurine*

Nepalese base metal tantric diety figurines
(in the yab-yum position) are $5/each.

*white Tara Tantric Buddhist art*

White Tara Tantric Buddhist hand-painted artwork, mounted in gold and blue cloth.
Note some scuffing on the left-hand side of the painting. $30.
Please click this thumbnail to view a cropped image posted at life size.

Another small painting is NOT SHOWN, featuring a little Buddha inside a yantra.

Ganesh pendants

*NOW 3 Tibetan Thai Buddhist Hindu Ganesha pendants*

Three styles of Ganesha pendants from Thailand. $15/each.
The bottom two depict Ganesh seated on his traditional mount, a rat.
The piece on the bottom has now SOLD.
They have hidden ohm symbols on the back sides.

Chinese women's lotus (footbound) shoes

There is a wide range of quality and styles of Chinese women's lotus shoes.
Some are old, though a few reproductions can be found that are less expensive.

*Chinese women's foot bound feet lotus shoes* *Chinese women's lotus shoes slippers*

Chinese women's lotus shoes for bound feet. $100/pair.
Both side and bottom views are shown for one shoe out of the pair.

*Chinese women's lotus shoes for footbound feet*

Chinese women's lotus shoes for footbound feet. $100/pair.
Please click on the thumbnail image shown to view a larger photograph.
Note that, unlike most images on this site, neither is posted at life size.

Bones, horns, and shells

Other horn and bone items such as:
teeth, boar and warthog tusks, baculum, ribs, tapers, talons, hairpipes, and quills
can be found on our horn and bone jewelry page.

*raccoon skull SIDE VIEW* *old coyote skull SIDE VIEW*

Raccoon ($25) and coyote ($40) skulls.
Please click on these images to view larger versions (not to scale).

*4 hollow cylinder shaped bone boxes elephants beetles kois frogs*
*bug elephant koi frog bone box cylinders BACKS SIDES*

Hollow bone stash boxes with scrimshaw and
colored crushed stone elephant, frog, beetle, or koi patterns.
These happen to be cylinders around ≤1-3/8" in diameter, though if you are considering wearing them as plugs, please note that they are very long in length, they are made of several elements that have been glued together, and that the lids are loose and will come off unless something such as beeswax is used to make them have more of a grip.
We have two of each design, and would prefer to sell them as pairs instead of as singles,
thus they are priced at $30/pair or $20/single piece.
Fronts are shown first, followed by a back side, side view, and an opened box.

*spaceship UFO alien seashells sea shells*

Spaceship/UFO-looking sea urchin shells. $10/each.
I believe these are Phyllacanthus imperialis aka imperial, land mine, or sputnik urchins.

*spiral cut gorgeous sea shells*

Gorgeous polished spiral cut white sea shells. $10/each.
I believe these are Trochus niloticus aka top snail shells.

*nautilus shell spiral geometry*

Nautilus shells cut in half to exhibit their amazing natural spiral geometry. $25/half.
Please click on this thumbnail-sized image to view a splendid image at full size.
As these are delicate, they must be sent by Priority Mail and we strongly suggest adding insurance.

*white dentalium shells tapers*

White hollow dentalium shells (dentalia is the plural) were highly valued by Native Americans, and used extensively in trade and ornamentation, including necklaces, chokers, breast plates, headdresses, and earrings. They are harvested on the coast of the Pacific Northwest and traded throughout North America.
These are mildly taper shaped, and are $3/whole ones (SOLD), and $1/sections.
The sections look like the two shorter pieces shown, or can be even shorter.

*real goat horns*

Real horns - probably goat, though sheep have not been ruled out.
Great for costumes and mask-making! $20/two pieces. SOLD

Mounted butterflies

*blue Morpho framed butterfly*

Blue Morpho butterfly in a brown wood and glass frame. $50.
Please click to view a version posted at life size.

*triangle butterfly frame*

A dozen butterflies mounted in
an unusual triangular wooden frame. $50.
Click through to view a larger version of this image.

Nepalese ritual dance mask

*Nepalese ritual dance mask*

Nepalese ritual dance mask with attached hair, beads, and septum jewelry.
Super intense. $125. Shown smaller than life size.

New Guinea masks

*New Guinea coconut mask* *New Guinea coconut mask* *New Guinea coconut mask*

New Guinea coconut masks, made by women and often hung in their cooking areas. $65-$70/each.
They all have a lot of fiber 'hair' as the central one shows, but most was tied back for the photos.
They have woven fiber noses that are in an open loop form so that septum jewelry can be inserted.
These images are only thumbnails and are not to scale;
click it to see a larger version (which will also not be full-sized).


*New Guinea shell necklaces*

New Guinea woven natural fiber string and shell necklaces. $50/each.
The left-hand necklace does not come undone at the top and requires a smaller noggin'.
This image is only a thumbnail and is not to scale;
click it to see a larger version (which will also not be full-sized).

*huge plain Miao tribe necklace collar* *huge plain Miao tribe necklace collar CLOSE-UP*

A huge five-tiered unengraved collar style necklace from South China. $165.
It has been made from hollow base metals, and is surprisingly lightweight.
Please click these smaller images to view larger versions that show more detail.

*Kuchi tribe tribal 5 choker necklaces*

Afghanistani tribal belly dance necklaces and chokers/collars. $25/each.
Most have with bells, coins, inlaid glass, enamel, or lapis, some have beads sewn onto fabric backings.
Note that a few do not come with the attached yarn that is necessary for wear.
This image is only a thumbnail and is not to scale;
click it to see a larger version (which will also not be full-sized).
The necklaces shown 1st, 3rd, and 5th have SOLD.

*Maasai beaded collar necklace*

Maasai women's beaded collar necklace with leather (not plastic) spacers. $100.
Please click on this thumbnail to view a larger photo (not posted at life size).

*Africa necklace bracelet beads*

Beaded African bracelet mounted on leather (SOLD) and necklace ($45).
I do not know the exact origins, but my best guess would be South African for the necklace -
perhaps Zulu or Ndebele tribe based on the white color and style similar to their traditional rope necklaces.
The necklace does not have a clasp nor opening, and is made for someone with a smaller head (perhaps for a child?). Click on this image to view one posted at real size.

*Baltic amber big chips necklace*

Baltic amber necklace composed of raw polished free-form chip beads.
This is a large and heavy necklace: 3.75 ounces (106.5 grams) total! $50.
Please click this thumbnail-sized image to view one posted at life size.

Afghani pendants

*big Afghani pendant turquoise colored*

A large Afghani pendant with green (with a hint of blue) stone inlays ($15/each).

*Kuchi tribal jewelry pendant with upper hook and mirrors*

A Kuchi tribal pendant with upper hook and mirrors. $15.

Wood spirals

*6 single pieces striped ebony wood spirals*

Six single pieces of striped ebony wooden spirals for use as pendants.
$12/each piece. Sorry, there are no true pairs here!


*blacklight UV black light*

Portable battery-operated mini blacklights (long wave UV light).
These cuties also have a built in tiny flashlight and hand strap.
Useful for identifying amber and copal, as well as observing out the fluorescence of different stones (such as sodalite, fluorite, or some opals), the brown parts of horn (!), locating blood or other bodily protein stains (ew!), checking the validity of money orders, seeing if your friends have false teeth, obsessively removing lint, or finding scorpions in the desert.
Uses 4 AA batteries (not included). $15/each. Cheap!

For you techies: the length of the wavelengths of light were measured in Angstroms,
which are being phased out for the term nanometers (one thousand millionths of a meter).
Visible light ranges from approximately 400nm (violet) to 700nm (red).
(1 Angstrom = .1 nanometer) (1 micron = 1000nm)

In old-school Angstroms, the spectrum we are concerned with here goes from:
125 to <2,900 Angstroms is short wave or far ultraviolet light (kills bacteria; used for sterilizing; dangerous to human eyes);
2,900 to 3,200 Angstroms (rays that make humans tan and sunburn);
3,200 to 3,800 Angstroms is long wave or near ultraviolet light (used in blacklights; invisible; not harmful to human eyes);
4,000 (violet/purple) to 7,000 (red) Angstroms is seen by humans as visible light;
>7,000 Angstroms is infrared light (invisible to the human eye).

Blacklights can range from 3,200 up to 4,500 Angstroms. Thus this overlap into the spectrum of our visible light range we are able to see as a purplish light; keeping in mind, however, that most of the light these emit is invisible.

O-ring kits

*yellow rubber o-ring kit* *red rubber o ring kit*

Black rubber (nitrile/Buna-N) o-ring kits, hardware store style are $22.
382 or 407 pieces (availability varies, as does the overall layout and color of the case, as shown above).
1/8" to 1-3/4" I.D.'s. An extra shipping fee of around $2 will apply.


Nepalese decorated goat skulls

*goat skull brassy round 2*
*goat skull silvery round 2*

*goat skull brassy round 2*
*goat skull silvery round 2*

Nepalese decorated goat skulls!!!
Each skull will vary quite a bit from skull to skull and from what you see here. Not shown at life size.
$125/each, plus extra shipping, which varies by zone and type of shipping (likely around $13-$18). Please note that it is common for some of the bits to be missing or come loose during shipping; this should be expected.
All goat skulls have SOLD; please let us know if you would like to be placed on our wait list.

New Guinea penis gourds: Not currently available

Penis gourds from New Guinea (also known as phallocrypts, skin pas, koteka, or holim).
These are made in a wide variety of shapes and designs, with woven fiber, shells, paint, seeds, feathers, and other bead decorations. Some are straight, some are curved; each one is unique.

They generally run from around $20 (tiny kid's sizes),
to $30-$50 (normal adult sizes as shown),
up to $60-$80 or more/each (really elaborate, large, or unusual).
Note that additional shipping costs of a few dollars will apply;
these are not very heavy, but bulky, as extra padding must be used.

New Guinea penis gourds: SOLD

New Guinea penis gourds (aka phallocrypt, koteka, or holim).
All of the examples below have already SOLD.
Typical prices run from around $40 to around $65/each.
They remain posted as examples of the variations we encounter.
These images are only thumbnails, posted smaller than life size, and are not to scale;
click it to see a larger version (which will also not be full-sized).

*mounted stand New Guinea penis gourd koteka*

A New Guinea penis gourd (koteka)
mounted on a metal stand. Was $60.

*four Papua New Guinea penis gourds*

Four Papua New Guinea penis gourds with painted woven fiber zig-zag decorations in natural pigments;
several have attached beads and shells. Prices on these ranged from $35-$40/each. All have SOLD.

*curved penis gourd phallocrypt* *large penis gourd koteka holim skin pas phallocrypt*

*PNG New Guinea penis gourd koteka holim*

*Penis gourds*

*New Guinea koteka phallocrypt holim penis gourd animal face* *New Guinea koteka phallocrypt holim penis gourd animal face*

*unique phallocrypt penis gourd holim New Guinea* *phallocrypts* *New Guinea koteka phallocrypt holim penis gourd feathers voodoo*

Click here for a digital photo of even more examples;
however, this also does not show them at full size.

Whole cow horns

*cow horns*
*new cow horns Indian*
*whole cow horn*

Whole polished mostly black cow horns from India average approximately 9" long. $10/each.
Longer mottled brown and white ones from the States run around $15/each.
We are currently out of cow horns - ask to be placed on the wait list for when they come back in stock!
Water buffalo horns are also occasionally available, but are longer and a bit more expensive.
Extra shipping fee may apply due to their weight and size.

Click on these small images to view larger images;
only the third image will be shown at life size, the other photos are not posted at life size.
These would be great for displays that also contain horn body jewelry,
or lined with beeswax and used as traditional drinking horns!

Silver belt buckles with poppy mandala

*new poppy belt buckle*
*poppy mandala belt buckle*

The fanciest darn belt buckles you'll ever see. Made of sterling silver,
and sporting our poppy mandala design that has been laboriously hand sawn.
These may be in the $200/each range; future prices will be dictated by the current price of silver, although we have considered getting some made up that are in a more affordable metal. Ask to be placed on the wait list for these hot commodities.

Batik and other fabric stamps

*Afghanistan Pakistan wooden fabric stamps batik*

Afghanistani/Pakistani big wooden fabric stamps. $20-$25/each.
These look great in display cases! They measure around 5" to 8".
Image is not shown at life size; please click on this thumbnail to view a larger version.
All of these have now SOLD.

*afghani fabric stamps*

Click on the thumbnail above to view more examples of fabric stamps from Afghanistan. ALL SOLD.
These are not technically batik stamps, as they are used by being dipped in dye, not wax.

*wooden batik stamp Afghanistan cloth wax*

Afghani wooden fabric stamp with a floral motif. $15 - SOLD.
We can get more batik and other fabric stamps, though most are often square. Just ask!

((All shirts below are currently out of stock; we hope to reprint them))

::The designs are shown here at 25% and are printed on black 100% cotton shirts::

Poppy mandala shirts!

*poppy mandala t shirts*

The front has the word 'ORGANIC' below a poppy mandala symbol in red, green, and tan.
The mandala was inspired by the Czech art noveau artist Alphonse Mucha,
and was redrawn/reinterpreted by our very own Markus Wolff.
There is a small anatomical heart with a rectangle of spirals on the back upper center in red ink.

Please note:: We are in the midst of finding a new printer for our shirts...

-Short sleeved t-shirts in Youth Large, Adult S, M, L, XL are $13/each; $15 for 2XL.
Other shirt types and kids' sizes are sometimes available upon request.
-Spaghetti straped tank tops! In small and medium; $15/each.
-Long sleeve t-shirts are $18/each. No sleeve designs. In S, M, L, and XL. Only a few printed!
-Zip-up hoodies go for $38/each (Youth Large, S, M, L, XL or 2XL). The poppy mandala is on the back. Thick. They run quite big. An anatomical heart with spirals appears on the front left. It costs $6-$9/each for shipping.

Leafy shirts!

*front liriodendron tulipifera leaf organic LLC t shirt design*

*back crest design*

Dustin from Arkansas has suggested calling this shirt: The Green T. I love it!
A beautifully shaped green leaf graces the front with our bamboo crest on the back.
'Tis a leaf from a tulip-poplar, aka yellow-poplar, aka tuliptree.
Not a true poplar-it's actually in the Magnolia family, and it's Latin name is Liriodendron tulipifera.
I collected this leaf here in Portland and chose it for it's odd and beautiful shape.
The little leaves spell the words 'organic natural body jewelry'...
this can also be read as 'organic body' on the right side and 'natural jewelry' on the left side.
Markus drew the bamboo design based closely on traditional Japanese family crests, known as kamon.
All sizes have now sold out!!!

This was an experiment to see if we can do more designs of limited edition shirts. That will keep those who get one of these exclusive designs to a select few who can know just how special they are. A little lesson in procrastination...

The 'I Am Not My Boobie' shirt!

*I am not my boobies shirt*

This was essentially a shirt for Erica's zine I Am Not My Body (see below).
The front sported a set of anatomical breasts (during lactation, no less)...

*anatomical vertebrae*

while the back had a human vertebrae; the scientific lettering pointing to the void said 'I Am Not My Body.'
Both are sides were printed in white ink. These have now completely sold out!!!
We are now considering reprinting them due to all the sweet inquiries we've received...
however, as we dig limited editions, they will be a bit different...
perhaps light brown ink on dark brown and black shirts?!? Stay tuned...

I Am Not My Body zine

*I Am Not My Body #1 zine cover*

Sold out! Really!
The first issue of I Am Not My Body, a limited edition publication (333 copies)
for fans of extreme tissue modification and the medical culture.
This issue contained articles on stretching, cutting, scars, organic material, and more.
#1 was published in March 1996, though the covers that Erica personally printed read Summer 1995.

*I Am Not My Body #2*

Sold out!
The second issue of I Am Not My Body (limited to 500),
was published in Spring/Summer 1997, was available for $3,
and included information on trephination, hand deformations, extremes, tooth modification, and implants.

The third issue should have been out in 2002 (whoa!).
It will feature circumcision (both male and female), skull stretching, tube pedicles, natural abortion, and more!

Tribal tattoo instruments

*Burmese tattoo sticks* *Burma wooden tattoo box* *Burmese tattoo needles* *Burmese tattoo weights*

Four Burmese pressure-fit tattoo instruments in carved wooden boxes. $150/one set.
The instrument itself disarticulates and consists of a long split 'needle' bar made from one piece of metal (brass?), a hollow shaft, and an elaborately cast heavy counterweight. Each pressure fits into the other, but most have a little bit of wiggle, which could be taped to make for a tighter fit.
Please click on these thumbnails to view larger images; however, none are at life size.
All four sets have now officially SOLD.
For an excellent article about the types and meanings of these counterweights, as well as general information on Burmese tattoo designs, symbols, and history, please see "Tattoo Weights from Burma" by Noel F. Singer in Arts of Asia magazine (March-April 1988), Volume 18, Number 2.

*Thai tattoo stick wooden box*

These come inside carved wooden boxes with slots for the three sections, and a hole for ink.
The wooden box measures around 2-3/4" by 2-3/4" by 12" in length.
Please click on the image of the box to view a version at life size.

*Dayak tribe Borneo aso wood tribal tattoo stamp pattern stencil* *Borneo Dayak wooden tattoo stamp handle*

New Dayak carved wooden stamps, used in lieu of a stencil in Borneo style tattoo work, are occasionally available, as well as bronze Burmese counterweights (often depicting characters from Burmese mythology-as shown in the kits above). The stamp pattern is shown on the left, which might have been traditionally used with ash or lampblack. On the right, the back 3-D handle is shown, and depicts an aso dragon-dog often seen in Dayak carvings, beadwork, and tattoos.

We used to carry wooden Borneo (Kayan Dayak) tattoo tools in boxes, bronze/brass Burmese (Mon tribe) tattoo sticks, and wooden/bone Micronesian (Yap) tattoo instruments made from traditional tools, materials, and methods. We do expect to carry these items again.
We do currently have Burmese tattoo 'needles,' currently featured over on the newly acquired page.

Dayak tribe designs on cloth

*Dayak tribal spiral cloth patch Borneo*

Currently sold out! Ask to be placed on the waitlist...
This patch measures 7-1/2" square and was available for $4.
It is a Kenyah Dayak pattern from Borneo and is green and white on black.
This image is shown smaller than life size.

Our latest acquistions are showcased over on our new page for a few months before they make it over here.
You might also want to glance at our twilight page that contains amber, jet, and silver jewelry
such as pendants, torcs, and necklaces with Nordic and Celtic designs. Good stuff!

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*red dayak flower*