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:: Wholesale prices (to shops) are listed :: Retail prices (to individuals) are double ::

*4 different spirals* Please click below if you'd like to jump directly to the following sections:

double flared earplugs, aka saddle shapes, including...
Solid with bone dust or fancy inlays, plain hollow or hollow with cut out designs, Borneo flares, Berber dots, and silver cap overlays
Upside-down U shapes, omega's, round and square CBR's, yoni's, homegirl, wicked, and compact spirals, Java style hoops, claws with balls or engraved nail heads, labrets, septums, bamboo rhizome hoops, and more
whole horns, quills, teeth, tusks, ribs, bacula, long taper shapes, antler, sea urchin, spiral, nautilus, and dentalium shells...

Horn and bone body jewelry is here! Please note that water buffalo horn is black (or occasionally creamy medium tan, or brown rootbeer-like and translucent) and bone is white. Horn is made primarily of keratin, a fibrous protein, similar to that found in quills, claws, nails, hooves, feathers, wool, and hair, and is a very different material than bone, which is largely composed of the mineral calcium carbonate and the protein collagen. Please note that most horn (at least 90%) is black, and very little (less than 10%) is brown; these variations occur randomly within each shape and size category, and always sell quickly, thus will usually be unavailable.

We do not sell horn that is reddish-orange in color; this color of horn does not occur naturally and has been achieved through chemical bleaching which denatures the protein, causing permanent problems including softening, dull finish, increased texture and even stickiness, crazing, cracking, and other inappropriate problems for a material intended to be used for body piercing jewelry.

Please request current catalog pages to see the newest pricing and current inventory, or download this list via page 3 of our online catalog. We only sell what we currently have in stock and no custom orders can be taken, though you can ask to be placed on a wait list if what you need is not currently in stock.
This jewelry is made by carvers who work in millimeters, so may not necessarily match exact gauges or fractional inches. This also means we have plenty of inbetween sizes, so feel free to ask!
You may order it in any measuring unit and we'll do our best to match exactly what you're looking for.

We do not use item numbers, so a basic description of what you are interested in will suffice...
(for example: a pair of 00ga hollow horn saddles with dots along the rim, in brown horn if possible).
In the case of engravings, inlays, and silver caps, you can simply describe how a design looks...
(for example: 1" black horn plugs with inlaid white bone open star with pie wedges between the points).
Labels with the specific names of many of our designs are shown below and on page 3 of the catalog.
You could also refer to how far down the page a specific image appears, and which piece within that image... (for example: in the third image down, the fourth plug shown on the bottom row, an 8-petaled Borneo flower, in 5/8").

The material comes from domestic Indonesian water buffalo horn (Bubalus bubalis) and cow or buffalo bone; both are used as draft animals (for example, to plow muddy rice paddies) and are consumed as food. They are highly valued and are not dispatched only for their horns or bones; these have an incredibly small value compared with that of a living animal. Water buffalo horn and bone are obtained after death, and since the cultures from which they are attained believe in utilizing the whole animal, nothing goes to waste, and thus the animal is honored more fully. Scroll down this page for a quote...

Images shown represent a fair cross-section of the types of shapes, angles, sizes, colors, hues, engravings, etc., that occur within the given styles of horn and bone jewelry available. Variations will always occur as all of these pieces are hand made by humans out of naturally-occurring, non-homogenous materials. If you need clarification about any of these factors, please ask before placing an order.

International customers:
Please ask your customs' agents and wildlife officials about federal and local laws in your country which may restrict or prohibit the importation of certain animal products such as horn, bone, or shell. You will be asked to sign a release form if you order animal products to be shipped to a foreign address.

The following are the wholesale prices for our usual stock of horn and bone jewelry.
Prices shown are per PAIR unless specified (as with labrets and septums, which are sold singly).
This comprehensive list does not necessarily reflect current availability; to see what is in stock and to view current pricing please call, download the catalog page, or ask for one to be mailed to you.
Click on the smaller images to view the images at full size.


*horn plugs*

This first section contains the horn plugs that we carry as seen in these group images.
These styles all have two flares (aka double flared or saddle shaped).
This section begins with our regular designs that we keep in stock at the top,
with our fancy, unusual, and unique designs presented next.
Please scroll down or click on this link to jump to the horn shapes section.

Our regular stock of
: Horn Saddle-shaped Plugs :

  • Horn saddles with bone dust inlays,
    or engraved and painted inlays:

    *horn plugs with bone dust inlay*
    • 10ga, 9ga, 8ga, 7ga, up to 6ga=$10/pair
    • These small pairs can only have simple designs such as:
      stars, spirals, or in some cases, starbursts/asterisks
    • 5ga up to 4ga =$11
    • 3ga up to 2ga =$12
    • 0ga    =$13
    • 00ga  =$14
    • 7/16" =$15
    • 1/2"   =$16
    • 9/16" =$18
    • 5/8"   =$20
    • 11/16"=$24
    • 3/4"    =$28
    • 13/16"=$30
    • 7/8"    =$32
    • 15/16"=$34
    • 1"       =$36
    • 1-1/16" up to 1-1/8" =$38
    • 1-3/16" up to 1-1/4" =$40
    • 1-5/16" up to 1-3/8" =$45
    • 1-7/16" up to 1-1/2" =$50
    • 1-9/16" up to 1-5/8" =$55
    • 1-3/4" =$65
    • 1-7/8" =$70
    • 2"        =$75

*big horn plugs*

The above image was part of an older batch of water buffalo horn jewelry. It shows saddle shaped plugs with bone dust inlays. Many of these designs are still available, or will be again soon on a rotating basis. More designs are always available than what is shown, especially in the large sizes.
Please call and we can describe what is currently in stock in your desired gauge or diameter.
Note that smaller gauges will generally have more simple designs such as stars and spirals, but larger plugs can have more complicated designs such as these.

  • Lathed (aka turned) horn saddles
    (like a 3-D layered wedding cake):
    *lathed turned horn plugs*
    • 2ga           =$10/pair
    • 0ga           =$12
    • 00ga         =$12
    • 7/16"       =$12
    • 1/2"         =$15
    • 9/16"       =$15
    • 5/8"         =$18
    • 3/4"         =$20
    • 7/8"         =$20
    • 1"             =$20
    • 1-1/2" convex

  • Plain solid horn saddles (completely blank, no inlay):
    *plain solid black water buffalo horn plugs*
    • 14ga           =$10/pair (just a few pairs!)
    • 11ga, 10ga =$10/pair (just a few pairs!)
    • 8ga            =$10/pair
    • 7ga, 6ga     =$10/pair
    • 5ga, 4ga     =$10
    • 3ga, 2ga     =$10
    • 1ga, 0ga     =$12
    • 00ga           =$12
    • 7/16"          =$12
    • 1/2", 9/16" =$15
    • 5/8"            =$18
    • 3/4"            =$20
    • 7/8" to 1"    =$20
    • <1-7/8"       =$40
    • <2"              =$40

  • Hollow horn saddles, plain (completely hollow, no inlay),
    or with sawed out hollow stars on the front surfaces:

    (...Hollow horn with bone dust inlaid
    dots or stripes have been discontinued)
    *hollow horn plugs plain black or with stars star cut-outs cut out sawed out*
    • 4ga to 3ga =$10/pair (plain only; too small for stars)
    • 2ga to 1ga =$10-12/pair
    • 0ga           =$12/pair
    • 00ga         =$12
    • 7/16"       =$13
    • 1/2"         =$15
    • 9/16"       =$16
    • 5/8"         =$18
    • 11/16"     =$20
    • 3/4"         =$20
    • 13/16"     =$20
    • 7/8"         =$22
    • 15/16"     =$24
    • 1"            =$26
    • 1-1/16"   =$30
    • 1-1/8"     =$30
    • 1-3/16"   =$30
    • 1-1/4"     =$30
    • 1-3/8"     =$35
    • 1-7/16"   =$40
    • 1-1/2"     =$40
    • 1-9/16"   =$40
    • 1-5/8"     =$45

  • Hollow horn saddles with cut out cut-out spirals or triskels:

    *hollow horn plugs with cut out spirals and triskels*
    • 0ga     =$13/pair spirals only
    • 00ga   =$15/pair
    • 7/16"  =$18
    • 1/2"    =$20
    • 9/16"  =$20
    • 5/8"    =$22
    • 3/4"    =$24
    • 7/8"    =$25
    • 1"       =$30
    • 1-1/8"  =$30
    • 1-3/16"=$30
    • 1-1/4"  =$30
    • 1-3/8"  =$35
    • 1-7/16"=$40
    • 1-1/2"  =$40
    • 1-9/16"=$40
    • 1-5/8"  =$45
    • <1-3/4" =$55 spirals only

    *Borneo flares bunga terung eggplant flower Dayak tattoo design horn plugs fractalized pattern NOTE SIZE CONSTRAINED SO PRICES CAN FIT*
  • Presenting...
    Borneo flares!!!
    These are
    hollow horn plugs
    with bunga terung

    (Dayak tribal tattoo
    eggplant flower design)
    sculptural flares
    and cut-out spirals
    in the centers

    (like all of our original designs, this beauty is exclusive to Organic LLC):

    • 00ga    =$20/pair
    • 7/16"   =$20
    • 1/2"     =$20
    • 9/16"   =$22
    • 5/8"     =$23
    • 3/4"     =$25
    • 7/8"     =$28
    • 1"          =$30
    • >1-1/16"=$31
    • 1-1/8"   =$32
    • 1-1/4"   =$32
    • 1-3/8"   =$35
    • >1-7/16" but
      <1-1/2" =$40
    • >1-9/16" but
      <1-5/8" =$45
    • >1-7/8" =$50
    • <1-15/16" =$50

*Borneo flares horn plugs different gauge and inch sizes*

    *Marquesas Islands tattoo design 9 plugs*
  • Marquesas design plugs:
    hollow horn saddle shaped plugs
    with geometric honeycomb designs,
    inspired by tattoo patterns from
    the Marquesas Islands (in Polynesia).
    This design was born as bamboo plugs
    with burnt designs
    , which we still make, too!
    • 1/2"   =$20/pair
    • 9/16" =$22
    • 5/8"   =$23
    • 3/4"   =$25
    • 7/8"   =$28
    • 1"       =$30
    • 1-1/8" =$32
    • 1-1/4" =$35
    • 1-3/8" =$35
    • <1-1/2" =$40
    • >1-5/8"  =$45
    • >1-15/16"=$45
    • 2"             =$50

    *Berber dots horn earplugs 3 times 3 clusters of dots*
  • Berber dots: hollow horn plugs
    with three or four clusters of dots,
    inspired by Berber (North African)
    tribal women's facial tattoos.

    We experimented with either white bone dust inlay or silver dots, but decided to stick with the silver. So! We have sold all of the bone dust inlay, but still offer the silver inlay with 3 or 4 clusters.
    • 00ga  =$20/pair
    • 7/16" =$20
    • 1/2"   =$20
    • 9/16" =$22
    • 5/8"   =$23
    • 3/4"   =$25
    • 7/8"   =$28
    • 15/16"=$29
    • 1"        =$30
    • 1-1/8"  =$30
    • <1-1/4"=$32
    • 1-3/8"   =$35
    • 1-1/2"      =$40
    • ±1-15/16" =$45

*hollow horn plugs NEW Berber tribe tribal dots*

    *bone hollow and solid saddles double flared ear plugs*
  • Various white bone saddles, solid or hollow, are available, but are often hard to get, as bones contain porous marrow centers which must be worked around.
    We also have some fossilized mammoth ivory saddles; these can be seen below. These tend to be more tan in color, with cross-hatched lines that intersect at a high angle called Schreger lines. Note that mammoth ivory is very sensitive to changes in heat and humidity. We currently have solid plugs in <1/2" and 5/8" pairs, plus a few singles.
    Some of our 'solid' bone saddles up to 1" are actually hollow pieces with bone caps on each end, as shown in bottom right of the image. This cuts down on weight.
    We have a few solid moose antler saddle shaped plugs
    (see the images we've posted far below - at the bottom).
  • Prices before the slash are hollow bone saddles, after the slash are solid bone saddles (ex: hollow/solid)
    • 10ga       =  -- /$10/pair (only solid available in 10ga - just a few pairs!)
    • >8ga       =  -- /$12/pair (only solid available in 8ga)
    • 7ga, 6ga  =$12/$12 (only solid available in 7ga)
    • 5ga, 4ga  =$13/$13 (only hollow available in 5ga)
    • 3ga, 2ga  =$15/$15 (only hollow available in 3ga)
    • 0ga    =$16/$16
    • 00ga  =$18/$18
    • 7/16" =$21/$21 (also some 'solid' with capped ends)
    • 1/2"   =$24/$24 (also <1/2" mammoth)(also some <1/2" 'solid' with capped ends)
    • 9/16" =$27/$27
    • 5/8"   =$30/$30 (also, solid antler) (ask about mammoth ivory with quality discounts)
    • 3/4"   =$30/$30 ('solid' are hollow pieces with both ends capped off)
    • 7/8"   =$20 (chunky hollow-ON SALE)/$40 ('solid' w/capped ends)
    • 1"       =$40/$40 (also some 'solid' with capped ends)
    • 1-1/8" =$45/$55
    • 1-1/4" =$45/$45
    • 1-3/8" =$50/$50
    • 1-1/2" =$55/$55
    • 1-5/8" =$60/ --

*horn plugs with silver caps in box*

  • Horn saddles with overlaid silver caps:
    Please click on the thumbnail at right for a full-sized image.
    *horn plugs with silver caps*
    • 0ga      =$18/pair
      black closed stars with silver background, silver closed stars with black background (and silver circular rim)
    • between 0ga and 00ga =$19/pair
      black closed stars with silver background,
      black open stars with black background (thin silver star), voodoo veve, 4 olives, ventricular
    • 00ga    =$20 5 diamond/4 spiral, ventricular
    • between 00ga and 7/16" triskels (25-27/64") (shown in the box above)
    • 7/16"   =$23 5 diamond/4 spiral, silver closed stars with black background (and silver circular rim)
    • 9/16"   =$28 5 diamond/4 spiral, silver closed stars with black background (and silver circular rim), spiky Borneo flowers, (and <9/16" ventricular shown in the box above)

      *58ths 34s 78ths inch horn plugs silver caps*

    • 5/8"     =$30 curly swastikas, thin chasing spirals (shown above; first two on top row)
    • >11/16" (45-46/64") with 6-based Dayak (Borneo) sun hat design with central raised dots/silver balls (shown in the corners of the center box cluster with the wood background up above)
    • 3/4"     =$32 spiky Borneo flowers (shown above; last shown on top row)
    • 3/4"     =$32 congo mask (shown in the corners of the box above with the wooden background)
    • 7/8"     =$35 chasing spirals, congo mask, 4 olives (shown above; bottom row)

      *1 one inch fifteen sixteenths horn plugs silver caps*

      >15/16", 1", and 1-1/16" (and everything in between!)

    • >15/16" =$38 (shown above)
    • 1"          =$42 (shown above)
    • 1-1/16"  =$45 (shown above)
      Top rows <1" or 1": outline triskels, 4 olives (SOLD), congo mask, spiral pinwheels, simple Borneo flowers
      Bottom rows 1" and up: Dayak aso, 3 diamonds, voodoo veve, sand dollars, and circus spirals

      *big horn plugs silver caps*

    • <1-1/4"                     =$50 silver stars with black background (and silver circular rim)
      + the star has a very thin multi-layered jagged star shaped spiral cut out of it (shown above; top left)
    • <1-5/16"                   =$60 chasing spirals (shown above; top right)
    • >1-5/16" but <1-3/8" =$60 congo mask (on GORGEOUS brown horn!) (shown above; bottom left)
    • >1-7/16"                   =$65 5-based sand-dollars (shown above; bottom right - SOLD)

    • >1-9/16" but <1-5/8" =$70 6-based silver ninja throwing star with fancy spirals inside each long blade against a black background (we used to have a 7-based sticker design like these!)
    • 2-9/16"                      =ask! geometric Islamic pattern

    • Also ask us about 0ga, 00ga, and 7/16" pairs with quality issues that are discounted!
    • To view more images of these designs, see the labeled group image near the top of the page.


: Hollow and Solid Horn Saddles with Opal Inlays :

Please note that all inlay materials are more sensitive to changes in heat and humidity as the materials expand and contract at different rates. Since opals naturally contain water, they are even more susceptible to these effects, and may become dislodged. Please handle and store these materials with special care.

*58ths through 1 inch hollow horn plugs with opals inlay*

*large hollow horn plugs with opal inlays inlaid*

Super cool hollow horn saddles with opal inlays along each front rim. Gorgeous-some of our favorites!
These are NOT synthetic or simulated opals, they are the real deal. Most are doublets.
5/8" is the smallest that we can offer due to the walls having to be thick to accommodate the opals...
Prices and availability for pairs of hollow horn plugs with multiple opal inlays (5 to 8 opals per plug):
5/8" ($35), 3/4" ($43), between 13/16" and 7/8" ($45), <1" ($50),
between 1-1/16" and 1-1/8" ($52), between 1-7/16" and 1-1/2" ($65),
between 1-11/16" and 1-3/4" ($75), and 2" ($80-brown boulder opals).
Images above were an older batch, and are not the exact pairs we currently have available.
We are currently SOLD OUT of:
7/8" ($48/pair), 1-1/4" ($55/pair), 1-3/8" ($60/pair), 1-5/8" ($70/pair).

*58ths hollow horn opal inlays*

≤5/8" hollow horn plugs with opal inlays. $35/pair.

*5/8 inch horn plugs with shiny black dot inlays*

This pair of 5/8" hollow horn plugs features shiny black inlays instead of opals.
I am pretty sure it is a type of shell. They lend a fancy yet subtle look.

*opal inlay horn one-flares plugs in small gauges*

Seen above are our exclusive opal one-flares, available in:
>6ga or 4ga (only one single piece of each size left!)
for a mere $10/single piece.

*opal inlay fronted horn labrets*

Opal-fronted horn labrets:
4ga are $10/each;
2ga and 0ga are $12/each;
00ga and 1/2" are $15/each.

*3ga 2ga two gauges horn plugs opal inlays*

Solid horn saddle shaped plugs
with single opal dot and surrounding bone dust inlays.
3ga to <2ga ($20/pair).

*3ga 2ga 00ga horn plugs with opal inlays*

Two pairs in each size of: 3ga horn plugs with opal inlays ($20/pair), or
2ga ($20/pair) and 00ga ($22/pair) horn plugs with opal and bone dust inlays.

*one pair only less than 0ga opal inlay horn plugs* *0ga horn plugs with opal bone dust inlays*

The first six pairs are <0ga ($20/pair);
the last pair with milky blue opals has SOLD.

*between 0ga and 00ga gauges horn opal inlay plugs*

Six pairs of between 0ga and 00ga ($20/pair).
The difference between zero gauge and double zero gauge is very small to begin with;
these just happen to measure right between the two sizes.

All 00ga ($22/pair) have been SOLD and none are shown.

*716ths 12inch horn opal inlay plugs*

One pair of 7/16" ($23/pair) with circus spirals, and
two pairs <1/2" ($24/pair): with six spiral squiggles or eight petals between rays.


≤9/16" ($25/pair) with spirals and dots using mirrored rather than radial symmetry.

*5/8 inch horn plugs with opal inlays*

5/8" ($28/pair). These four pair include the first which look a bit like the Borneo flowers, the middle two pair which are both ≤5/8" (stars shown 3rd SOLD), and the last pair (4-based flower-like) which is >5/8".

*biggest horn opal inlay plugs*

<3/4": lightning-bolt energetic six-based pattern ($35).
>3/4": with central boulder opals (brown with veins of color) and 5-based flower-like bone dust inlay ($35).
<7/8": wavy floral design with small milky opal inlays ($40-SOLD).
≤1": with central boulder opals and 5-based spiral flame-like bone dust inlay ($42).
>1-1/16" but <1-1/8": a pair of plain black horn with simple central opals, or
another pair with with central boulder opals and spiral and thorn bone dust inlay ($45).

*Balinese subang horn plugs opal inlays*

Balinese horn plugs (subang) with bone dust and opal inlays in
5/8" ($35/pair) and >3/4" ($43/pair).

*78ths opal 1 bone dust inlays horn plugs*

7/8" horn plugs with opal and bone dust inlays ($40/pair) and
1" horn plugs with Aztec calendar bone dust inlays ($36/pair).

: Unique Horn Saddles with Fancy Inlays :

The following is a list of our currently available horn saddles with stone cabochon inlays.
Many of these pairs will not be made again, are one of a kind, and are not part of our regular stock.
There are limited pairs; please call soon if you see something you'd like!!!

Items that are not yet shown online include: exciting huge silver caps and inlay designs...

*horn sakura flowers Japanese cherry blossoms plugs*

To celebrate the joys of Spring, we made a new horn plug design:
sakura (stylized Japanese cherry blossoms)!
These show regular bone dust inlays without sculptural flares.
Shown here are 00ga, <1/2", <5/8", 3/4", 1-1/4", and 2".
All shown in this image have already SOLD, except the 2" pair, which are available.
Please contact us to custom order other sizes.

*horn sakura flowers Japanese cherry blossoms plugs*

More of our new horn sakura (stylized Japanese cherry blossoms) plugs!
Please contact us to pre-order these, which are not yet available.
We are experimenting with hollow or solid backs, white and black, and
with sculptural flares as shown (which are a bit more expensive).
Shown here are: 3/4" (more white), ≤1", 1-3/16", and <1-1/2".
The 3/4" and <1-1/2" pairs seen in this image are still available.

*8ga 7ga brown horn drilled cylinders*

8ga and 7ga brown and blonde horn drilled cylinders.
2 pieces for $1 (no discount for ordering just one single piece; 2 piece minimum).

Not shown:
A single ≤4ga fossilized mammoth ivory cylinder. $12/piece.

*oddballs custom horn plugs*

Custom horn plugs that were never purchased once made,
and a few last of their kind from styles we used to carry:
0ga horn plugs with tan mammoth ivory inlays ($20/pair),
<5/8" horn plugs with coconutwood inlays ($18/pair),
a single ≤5/8" horn plug with a black star surrounded by white bone dust inlay ($10/one),
<1" horn plugs with engraved stars that are not filled in with anything -
the effect is a bit like black on black 3-D nautical stars ($36/pair),
and >1-1/2" hollow horn plugs with small bone dust inlaid dots ($40/pair).

*horn plugs with overlaid silver Thors hammers mjollnir*

Between 7/16" and 1/2" horn plugs
with Thor's hammer (Mjollnir) silver overlays ($24/pair).

*single horn Dayak flower plug*

A single 12mm (just under 1/2") solid horn plug with Borneo flare
and inlaid instead of cut out spirals. The back flare is very mellow.
It was made as a custom order for a labret and they never got back to us once it was made.
Now up for grabs! Only $10/piece (single only; no pairs available).

*78inch sri yantra triangular horn plugs*

7/8" horn plugs with bone dust inlays of triangular sri yantras.
$32/pair (our regular horn with bone dust inlay price at this size).

*hollow horn plugs with faceted amber inlays*

Hollow horn plugs with faceted amber inlays.
3/4" with pressed Baltic amber cabochons ($35/pair).

*horn saddles plugs with amber inlays*

<7/8" solid horn plugs with round-based pyramid-shaped amber
(or possibly ambroid?) cabochon inlays ($40/pair - sold?).

*3 pairs horn plugs faceted amber inlay*

Three pairs of horn plugs with faceted pressed amber inlays in
≥3/4" ($35/pair - X), 7/8" ($40/pair), and between 1-3/16" and 1-1/4" ($60/pair).

*green red paua shell horn inlays*

Horn double flared saddles with green, red, and plain paua shell inlays. Prices are per pair.
>0ga ($20) and 00ga ($23-SOLD) with green inlays on big front flares,
1/2" ($25-SOLD) and 5/8" ($30) with green inlays on regular double flares,
≤3/4" ($35) with either red or green inlays, and 1-1/16" ($40) with regular undyed shells.

*hematite hexagon horn inlay plugs*

Horn plugs with hexagon-shaped hematite and bone dust inlays in >3/4" and 7/8". $35/pair.

*horn plugs with hematite or paua shell inlaid horn plugs*

3/4" solid horn with circular hematite inlays ($30/pair-SOLD),
- <1" solid horn with hexagonal hematite and silver glitter paint inlays ($45/pair-SOLD),
and >15/16" solid horn with grayish iridescent paua shell inlays ($40/pair).
Please note that shell inlay materials may be dyed, irradiated, or heat-treated to achieve various colors.

*gray shell inlays horn plugs*

<1" horn plugs with subtle gray shell inlays. $45/pair-sold.
Please click on this image to view one taken at an angle
that shows it's pink and light blue iridescence.

*4 pairs gray shell inlay horn plugs*

Four pairs of horn plugs with gray shell and bone dust inlays in
1" ($45/pair), >1-1/16" ($45/pair),
between 1-1/16" and 1-1/8" ($45/pair), and 1-1/4" ($55/pair - with sakura flower inlay).

*5 pair tigers eye inlay horn plugs*

Five pairs of horn plugs with tiger's eye inlays.
Two pairs of 3/4" ($30/pair-both SOLD) and a pair of 7/8" ($35/pair) on the top row,
and two pairs of <1" shown on the bottom row ($40/pair).

*tigers eye inlay horn plugs 2 pairs*

Two pairs of horn plugs with tiger's eye inlay
in 3/4" ($35/pair - with petals and spirals)
and <1-1/4" ($55/pair - with sakura flower inlay).

*1-716ths horn plugs with huge stone and bone dust inlays*

1-7/16" leopardskin jasper cabochons surrounded by fancy bone dust inlays ($65/pair).

*hollow horn plugs with shell spiral inlays*

Hollow horn with inlaid paua shell spirals;
some damage to the inlays due to heat and humidity shifts,
thus the discounted price is shown... call for details:
a pair with a small crack that are <1-7/16" ($60/pair-shown left),
and a pair with two cracks on one piece, ($50/pair-shown right),
where one piece is <1-7/16", one piece is <1-1/2".

NOT SHOWN: 2-9/16" horn saddles
with incredible Islamic style geometric silver caps!

*wholesale versus retail prices reminder*



*buffalo horn shapes earrings*

The following are all horn shapes as shown in these group images.
Please click the image below for a larger image.

*horn shapes*

: Horn and Bone Shape Designs :

*horn inverted teardrop spirals 4ga 2ga 0ga*
*long stretched spirals 6ga 2ga 0ga*

A limited production run of the two kinds of horn warped spirals
that we had posted months ago as samples.
Shown first are inverted teardrop spirals (5ga, <4ga, and 0ga),
followed by stretched spirals (6ga, 2ga SOLD, and 0ga). Starting at $21/pair.

*white bone spirals BLACK ground*

Spirals in 14ga, 12ga, 11ga, 10ga, 8ga, 7ga, 6ga, and 4ga, now in white bone!!!
These bone spirals are $15/pair from 14ga up to 6ga, and $18/pair for 4ga.

*6ga 4ga 2ga 0ga horn nail head hoops*

Horn nail head hoops!
In 6ga ($18/pair), 4ga ($20/pair), 2ga ($22/pair), and 0ga ($24/pair).

*diamond shaped horn CBRs hoops*

Diamond shaped horn CBR's. $20/pair.
In 6ga, >6ga but <5ga, 5ga, 4ga, >1ga, <0ga, and >0ga.

*0ga horn big split rings hoops*

0ga horn split ring hoops ($25/pair)
with big overall diameters (around 1-5/8" up to 1-11/16").

*horn bamboo rhizome hoops earrings*

Horn bamboo rhizome hoops!
Rhizomes are the root parts of the bamboo plants.
These are designed to have many different sized wearing surface possibilities.
Three slightly different styles of these more claw shaped root hoops are shown...
The top left pair is angular. The bottom right pair is super smooth but less defined.
The top right and bottom left pairs have big juicy flares and more sections.
Let us know which pair you think is the best!
Most of these more claw shaped overall pieces are currently sold out...
Please have a look below for another version of this shape!

*2ga 0ga 00ga new bamboo rhizome root hoops horn*
*one half five eighths inch new bamboo rhizome root hoops horn*

Our newest bamboo rhizome (root) hoops, now with the largest part at the top,
tapering down on both sides to the smallest sections near the gap at the bottom.
Currently available in:
>3ga, <2ga, >0ga, 00ga ($25/pair), and
<1/2" ($30/pair) at the largest sections.
All of the above sizes are in the CBR style version,
with 00ga also available in either the CBR or claw style.

General prices for our "root hoops" are as follows;
they are priced according to the biggest section:
Up to 00ga ($25/pair); 7/16" or 1/2" ($30/pair); 9/16" or 5/8" ($35/pair).

Let us know if you prefer this version - more like a CBR overall,
or our other root hoop design above, more like a claw in overall shape.

Also note that we have giant ebony wood versions of these in 3/4", 7/8", and 1".

Our regular stock of
: Horn and Bone Shapes :

    *horn upside down U*
  • Horn upside down "U" shapes
    • We have a few limited 12ga and 10ga we are trying out!
    • 8ga, 7ga, 6ga   =$10/pair
    • 5ga and 4ga     =$10
    • 2ga, 0ga, 00ga =$12
    • We have discontinued larger sizes
    • Note these are not made for septum piercings,
      as the overall height of these pieces from top to bottom
      would result in the piece overlapping the upper lip on most faces.
    *horn omegas*
  • Horn omegas/hair-do's
    • We have a few limited 12ga, 11ga, and 10ga we are trying out!
    • 8ga, 7ga, 6ga =$12/pair
    • 5ga and 4ga =$12
    • 2ga   =$13
    • 0ga   =$14
    • 00ga =$15
  • Horn square CBR shapes! exclusive to and ©Organic LLC
    (like a captive bead ring aka CBR, only squarish, and
    set on it's end with the opening at the bottom):
    *square horn CBRs*
    • 8ga, 7ga, 6ga =$12/pair
    • 5ga and 4ga =$12
    • 2ga              =$13
    • 0ga              =$14
    • 00ga            =$15
  • Horn yoni shapes! exclusive to and ©Organic LLC
    (modeled after that ever popular item of female anatomy):
    *new small horn yonis yoni* *horn yoni shapes*
    • 8ga, 7ga, 6ga =$12/pair
    • 5ga and 4ga =$12
    • 3ga and 2ga =$13
    • 0ga   =$14
    • 00ga =$15

  • Horn "CBR's"
    (tapered captive bead rings without the beads):
    *horn tapered CBR captive bead rings*
    • 17ga, 16ga, 15ga, 13ga, 12ga, 11ga, 10ga, 9ga,
      8ga, 7ga, and 6ga =$12/pair
    • 5ga and 4ga =$13
    • 3ga and 2ga =$14
    • 0ga   =$15
    • 00ga =$16
    • Singles are often available for half these prices!
    • We have discontinued larger sizes.
    • For similar shapes with smaller overall diameters,
      check out the horn and bone septum pinchers further down this page.
*bone CBR's captive bead ring shape*
  • Bone CBR shapes (white)
    (tapered captive bead rings without the beads)
    are the same price as our horn CBR's.
    These are larger in overall diameter than septum pinchers.
    Current stock: 16ga, 15ga, 14ga, 13ga, 12ga, 11ga, 10ga, 9ga, 7ga, 6ga, 4ga, and 2ga.

  • Horn Java style hoops
    (downward facing c-shapes with upward pointing divets
    at the bottom of the ring at the opening):
    *horn Java style hoops*
    • We have a few limited 11ga and 10ga we are trying out!
    • 8ga, 7ga, 6ga =$15/pair
    • 5ga and 4ga =$15
    • 3ga and 2ga =$17
    • 1ga and 0ga =$17
    • 00ga            =$20
    • We have discontinued larger sizes
  • Compact horn spirals
    (more compact in overall diameters; though please note that the amount of material may be minimal, almost like a comma as shown, or coiled around more as above instead, though still compact in overall size):
    *compact horn spirals*
    • 8ga, 7ga, 6ga =$12/pair
    • 5ga and 4ga =$15
    • 3ga and 2ga =$16
    • 1ga and 0ga =$18
    • 00ga   =$18
    • 7/16" =$20
    • 1/2"   =$22
    • 9/16" =$25
    • 5/8"   =$28
    *super tiny gauged horn ear spirals*
  • NEW!!! Super tiny horn spirals
    (VERY tiny in both gauge and overall diameters):
    • 20ga, 19ga, 14ga, 13ga, 12ga, 11ga, 10ga, 9ga =$12/pair
    • Many are inbetween exact sizes, as these shapes are very difficult to hand carve; please be willing to substitute sizes...
  • Thin gauge size 14ga, 13ga, 12ga, 10ga spirals
    but more like compact spirals in overall diameters! *super tiny and compact horn spirals comparison*
    • See the image at right to compare a pair of thinner 14ga horn compact spirals and a pair of thicker 11ga horn super tiny spirals (though bigger in gauge size, they have very small overall diameters).
    • Please be aware that spirals in such small gauges will be rather fragile and much more susceptible to breakage than spirals in thicker gauge sizes.
    *medium 8ga 7ga 6ga gauge water buffalo horn spirals tapered spiral*
  • MEDIUM/hybrid sized horn spirals
    (between compact and homegirl spiral sizes in overall diameters).
    • Prices are inbetween compact and homegirl spirals prices
    • We have hybrid overall sized spirals in many sizes
    • Call to see what is currently in stock
  • Wicked horn spirals
    (aka angular spirals or penta spirals):
    *wicked horn angular spirals*
    • 8ga, 7ga, 6ga =$12/pair
    • 5ga and 4ga =$15
    • 3ga and 2ga =$16
    • 0ga     =$18
    • 00ga   =$18
    • 7/16" =$20
    • 1/2"   =$22
    • 9/16" =$25
    • 5/8"   =$28
  • Horn spirals with big overall diameters aka homegirl spirals...
    (for those of you in need of big, bumpin' spirals with larger overall diameters from top to bottom and left to right, so a piece will have more coiled material than our normal, more compact horn spirals):
    Please note: small gauges of homegirl spirals have a natural tendency to warp so they do not lie flat...
    We have cropped the main image so it will not cover up prices on some browsers; click it to see more.
    *horn big overall diameter homegirl spirals*
    • 8ga    =$18/pair
    • 7ga    =$18
    • 6ga    =$18
    • 4ga    =$20
    • 2ga    =$21
    • 1ga    =$22
    • 0ga    =$22
    • 00ga  =$24
    • 7/16" =$26
    • 1/2"   =$28
    • 9/16" =$31
    • 5/8"   =$34
    • Inbetween sizes, too!
    • We sometimes have HUGE horn or wood spirals in 3/4", 7/8", and 1"!!!
      Please call for pricing and current availability.
  • Horn claws with balls, or
    horn claws with nail heads that have bone dust inlay:
    *horn claws balls bone dust inlaid engraved*
    • 8ga, 7ga, 6ga =$12/pair
    • Small nailheads can only have star, starburst, or spiral inlays
    • 5ga and 4ga =$12
    • 3ga and 2ga =$14-15
    • 0ga    =$16
    • 00ga  =$16/20
    • 7/16" =$18/20
    • 1/2"   =$21
    • 9/16" =$22/24
    • 5/8"   =$24/28
*bone claws with balls*
  • Bone claws with balls (white)
    are the same price as horn claws with balls.
    Our current stock includes:
    >7ga, 6ga, 5ga, and ±3ga.

    *horn Cthonic monster claws tagua nut*

  • Horn cthonic monster claws!
    (tagua nut scary heads with giant horn claw shaped bodies):
    • These sizes only!
    • 5/8"  = NOW $50 (were $70/pair)
    • >13/16" and <7/8" = NOW $60/pair (were $90/pair)

*flying horn dragon fetus earrings claws*
  • Horn flying dragon fetuses
    with claw-shaped bodies are
    between >00ga and <7/16"
    (the smaller pair shown).
    The large ones shown have SOLD.
    These will not have a lower jaw as shown in the smaller pair.

    They are $36/pair. Last pair!
    Same price for retail customers!

    For an image of the actual last pair click here,
    although this photo is not posted at exact size.

: Horn and Bone Labrets :


    *horn and bone labrets lip plugs*
  • Horn and bone labret shapes are $5-15/each; most are $6/each. We currently have 16ga to 5/8" or so. They have a shaft and a round backing disc made out of one piece. Many larger pieces have oval backs. The ends are either flat or rounded; a few are pointed.
  • Fossilized mammoth ivory labrets go from $12-22/each on average (we currently have 11ga to 7/16"). They tend to be a creamy tan as shown. The whitest pieces are regular bone, not fossil ivory. The only fossilized walrus ivory labret we have is not shown; it is <0ga. The fossil ivories are dug out of the permafrost in Alaska and Russia during the Summer months by native people.

    *opal inlay fronted horn labrets*

  • Horn labrets with opal inlay fronts are also available:
    4ga are $10/each;
    2ga and 0ga are $12/each;
    00ga and 1/2" are $15/each.

: Horn and Bone Septums :

*Horn And Bone Septums*

    *horn and bone septum tusks spikes curved straight bent*
  • Horn and bone curved septum tusks and
    horn and bone straight septum spikes are $4-$15/each.
    Odd sizes are the cheapest, from $4-$6/each.
    Even sizes are $6/each from tiny up to 6ga, and $7 on up in 4ga and bigger.
    Our stock currently ranges from around 21ga to around >3/4".
    Yes, we have plenty of odd and inbetween sizes available!

  • Horn curved septum tusks that have
    bone dust inlay dots or stripes go for $7-$10/each.
    We currently have 13ga through >0ga with dots,
    and 5ga only with stripes.

  • See that moustache shape in the fourth position?
    This style has been discontinued and is only still available in 5ga.

    *tiny gauge gauged horn septum pincher pinchers*
  • Horn septum pinchers! Prices are for one single piece.
    We currently have: (21ga, 20ga), 15ga, 14ga, 13ga, 12ga, 11ga, ±10ga (plus TINY), 9ga, <8ga, 7ga, 6ga, 5ga, 3ga, ≥2ga, >0ga, and 00ga.
    We do NOT currently have horn pinchers in: 19ga, 18ga, 17ga, 16ga, 4ga, or 1ga.
    $6/each (up to 5ga), $7 (4ga, 3ga), $8 (2ga, 1ga), $9 (0ga), or $10 (00ga).
    We currently have some extremely thin 21ga and 20ga horn septum pinchers.
    18ga is our usual minimum due to strength issues. This little guys are fragile and extremely delicate, tend to flex more, and are prone to break easily unless being handled with the utmost care.
    We also have TINY overall 10ga horn pincher shapes for other spots.
    We also have small horn CBR/larger pincher shapes in 14ga and ≤13ga.
    *small gauge bone septum pinchers*
  • Bone septum pinchers (white)!
    We currently have: (≤19ga), 15ga, 14ga, 13ga (and TINY), 11ga, 10ga, 9ga, 7ga, ±6ga, 5ga, >4ga, 3ga, 1ga, and <0ga.
    We do NOT currently have bone pinchers in: 16ga, 12ga, 8ga, 2ga, and 00ga.
    $6/each (up to 5ga), $7 (4ga, 3ga), $8 (2ga, 1ga), $9 (0ga), or $10 (00ga).
    We currently have some extremely thin 19ga bone septum pinchers.
    16ga is our usual minimum due to strength issues. This little guys are fragile and extremely delicate, tend to flex more, and are prone to break easily unless being handled with the utmost care.
    We also have TINY overall 13ga and 11ga bone pincher shapes for other spots.
    We also have small bone CBR/larger pincher shapes in 14ga, >14ga, 13ga and 7ga.
    *14ga gauge horn septum pincher and CBR comparison*
  • Hey! Let's discuss the difference between a septum pincher and a CBR shape.
    It's all about overall diameter: septum pinchers (seen here in the center in 14ga)
    have much smaller overall diameters than CBR shapes (seen around it, also in 14ga).
    Overall sizes change from gauge size to gauge size. Gap sizes may differ, too.
    Septum pinchers tend to be ever so slightly oval overall, rather than completely round.
    Our CBR shapes, on average, tend to be too large for most folks wanting septum rings.
    Are these measurements important to you? Then ask us about them when you order!!!

: Please note :

We recommend purchasing only from companies that utilize unique horn inlay patterns and overall shapes, when going beyond the range of basic universal designs such as spirals and solid stars. There is a huge problem of original designs being passed around the carving workshops in Indonesia, where copyright laws are hard to enforce, and artisans often have lenient attitudes about reproducing designs they have seen in their neighbors' shops.

We know that there may be examples of honest mistakes, and that there is a possibility that someone may have purchased work from carvers who have copied designs without the knowledge of a purchaser. However, we feel that it is the responsibility of those who are selling products to ensure that the designs they are utilizing are original works, copyright free, or utilized only with direct written consent from the producer of the artwork. Please ask first about the origins of a design.

There are several of our designs that we have found being produced without authorization. These include, but are not limited to: stars with pie wedges, the 5 diamonds with 4 spirals design, and the 3 diamonds design. While there are many more, we have had the most trouble with these particular patterns being copied. Erica personally drew these designs; they are not from a book or other publication. They have been carved into jewelry for other companies and posted onto other sites and print literature without permission or credit. We have not sold or licensed them to any distributors. Not only is this uncreative, immoral, and rude, it is unlawful. We take this matter very seriously. We ask these companies and distributors to please discontinue selling our designs immediately and to remove them from any online or printed materials such as catalogs.

There are several other people and companies out there that we know have also had their designs for engravings and overall horn shapes reproduced without their permission, and it continues to be a growing problem. This applies to manufacturers and distributors of other body jewelry materials as well, such as surgical steel, stone, hardwood, glass, etc. We are requesting your help in putting an end to these unfair and unethical practices. Please let us know when you see examples of this, and think hard before purchasing from companies that steal intellectual property.

*Michael's water buffalo pic*

Finally, we felt that it would be appropriate to include a photo and quote that we feel sums up the status, reverence, and respect the water buffalo commands in the areas in which it is found.
Attributed to an otherwise anonymous SE Asian rice farmer, he said:
"To my family, the buffalo is more important than I am.
When I die, they'll weep for me; but if our buffalo dies, they may starve."

*wholesale versus retail prices reminder*



*fossil walrus ivory oosik tusk tooth plugs*
*fossil walrus ivory oosik tusk tooth plugs*

A limited selection of fossilized walrus ivory hollow and solid double flared plugs, made from either oosik, tooth, or tusk. These are gorgeous variable tan colored, often with darker flecks, and tend to be a more porous and slightly textured bone material (especially the oosik).
Top row: >0ga solid ($20/pair, and another not shown creamier pair), 7/16" solid ($28/pair-SOLD),
1/2" hollow ($32/pair), 1/2" solid ($32/pair), >9/16" solid ($36/pair).
Bottom row: 9/16" with cut-out spirals ($36/pair), <5/8" with cut-out spirals ($40/pair).
Fossil walrus ivory will not be shipped to the States of Hawaii, California, or New Jersey.

*10ga fossil walrus ivory oosik bone 10ga labret*

Fossil walrus oosik (penis bone) 10ga labret ($15/each).
Fossil walrus ivory will not be shipped to the States of Hawaii, California, or New Jersey.

*fossilized mammoth ivory ear plugs*

High quality mammoth ivory saddle shapes!
These are expertly carved, highly consistent, and made from the best possible material.
Fossilized (mineralized) mammoth ivory is creamy white to very light tan (though darker variations sometimes occur), with characteristic cross-hatching in the form of intersecting Schreger lines similar to those seen on elephant ivory, but intersecting at different angles.
Please note that fossilized mammoth ivory is particularly sensitive to changes in heat and humidity.
Extra care should be taken to protect these items from such shifts, and should not be worn while bathing.
They should always be kept well-oiled.
Mammoth ivory cannot be shipped to the States of Hawaii, California, New York, or New Jersey.

Only a few remaining pairs left!
<1/2" ($25/pair).
±5/8" (were $30/pair, but will be discounted due to quality issues such as cracks).

...and a few single pieces left:
a single ≤4ga fossilized mammoth ivory cylinder ($12/piece), and
a single ≤00ga fossilized mammoth ivory saddle ($12/piece).

We also have: 0ga horn plugs with tan mammoth ivory (?) inlays ($20/pair)
(seen above with the oddballs, or just click here - they are on the upper left).

We also have mammoth ivory labrets in:
11ga, 10ga, 8ga, 6ga, 5ga, >1ga but <0ga, 7/16",
a ≤0ga fossilized walrus ivory labret with a thin oval backing disc,
and a few other big mammoth ivory labrets with quality issues
available at a discount (6ga, 4ga, 0ga, 00ga).

*Inuit Alaska bone 4 curved tusks*

Inuit Alaskan bone curved tusks
(old artifacts, probably not originally used for septums but for another utilitarian purpose).
They are all between 00ga and 7/16", and are merely $15/each.
The top piece has SOLD.

Other types of bone plugs may occasionally be available, including fossilized walrus, mammoth, or mastodon ivory. The material is dug from the permafrost or found near rivers in the summer months by natives of Alaska or Russia. The fossil ivories tend to be off-white to creamy tan, though some samples may be peanut butter brown or even darker. Walrus ivory can have an oatmeal-looking amorphous center, while mammoth and mastodon exhibit a gorgeous cross-hatched pattern called Schreger lines that can be used to distinguish the materials.

*white bone antler plugs*

Antler plugs are occasionally available as a custom order; we do not normally stock them.
Antler is a type of bone that is dense and white, with a grayish marrow center. It holds a fine polish.
These are generally from deer, but may also be from moose. Antlers are shed annually, unlike horns.
The picture above is shown smaller than life size.

*huge white antler ear plugs*
*small hollow white bone saddles plugs*
*small solid white bone saddle shaped earplugs*

We sometimes have moose antler (shown) and other antler plugs in larger hollow and solid plugs.
Scroll up for the full listing and prices in the bone saddles section. Prices are the same, for now.
Some of those depicted with the black backgrounds are regular bone, though most of the larger sizes are indeed made out of moose antler as seen in the top image with the gray background.

*bone mermaids earrings*

Upside-down bone mermaids with hook-shaped tails. $23/pair. SOLD
The tail fins are the widest spot, requiring around 1ga to 0ga minimum to insert.
There is a vertical hole drilled through each one.
Please get in touch if you would like to be on a wait list for these.

*4 hollow cylinder shaped bone boxes elephants beetles kois frogs*
*bug elephant koi frog bone box cylinders BACKS SIDES*

Hollow bone stash boxes with scrimshaw and colored crushed stone elephant, frog, beetle, or koi patterns.
These happen to be cylinders around ≤1-3/8" in diameter, though if you are considering wearing them as plugs, please note that they are very long in length, they are made of several elements that have been glued together, and that the lids are loose and will come off unless something such as beeswax is used to make them have more of a grip.
We have two of each design, and would prefer to sell them as pairs instead of as singles. $30/pair.
Fronts are shown first, followed by a back side, side view, and an opened box.

*African and American porcupine quills porcupine quill*
*African and American porcupine quills porcupine quill*

Porcupine quills from Africa (Hystrix cristata) or America (Erethizon dorsatum) are available.
They have been used traditionally as septum spikes, and might also be used as hairsticks,
or as tapers (cut with a razor or very sharp knife - the ends can then be sealed with wax).
Please note that these quills have not been cleaned, and you should expect natural variation.
Also note that African porcupine quills do not have barbs, whereas
American porcupine quills have a region of about 4mm near the dark brown tips that do have barbs.
Thus American quills should always be both inserted and removed brown side first,
or this area can be removed using a razor or sharp knife, then sealing the ends with wax.
Quills are tapered on both ends and tend to be fatter at one end. We measure them in the center.
After years of being unable to find them, we now have quills measuring 12ga, 11ga, and 10ga available!

Long African quills are offered for $2/each.
We normally have them ranging from around 13ga up to 1ga, and from 3" to 12" in length.
We have some quills available for $1/each with broken ends, creases, and other quality issues.

Tiny American quills are all very thin, and are around 1-1/2" to 2" long.
These are 5 for $1 for sizes that range from hair thin up to around 16ga or so.
These American porcupine quills are available only as a grab bag of various random sizes;
or, we can individually measure these and send a specific size of quill for $1/each piece.
Pre-measured fatties (American porcupine quills that are 15ga to 12ga or so), are $1/each.

*porcupine quills RARE orange and yellow*

We have a stash of rare African porcupine quills that have yellow, tan, and orange hues!
We've been assured that these are naturally occurring, and have been caching them away for years.
Now we are ready to offer some up for sale:
$4/each for tans and yellows, and $5/each for oranges.
Great for hairsticks, septums, tapers, and displays!
Sizes range from 9ga up to 2ga, with lengths from 4" up to 1 foot!!!
Please click on the above cropped image to view one at full size.

A word about quills and shipping, as this is one of our lowest-priced items:
We have held out for years in regards to not having a minimum order.
However, our rule is to not process orders where the shipping is more than the total of the products.
Thus, we do not ship out orders of just one quill.
Please keep in mind it takes us time to process, pack, and ship each order,
so we hope you'll find more goodies to include in your order so everyone is happy!
Thank you for your understanding.

Warthog tusks are similar to boar's tusks, only heavier. There are two types of warthog tusks:
indented rectangular upper jaw tusks and triangular in cross-section lower jaw tusks.
Warthog tusks are double for retail customers.

*giant big larger warthog tusks*

Giant upper jaw warthog tusks.
Prices for big fat rectangular ones such as these typically range
from $8 (very small) to $22 (giant) per piece, depending upon weight.
Only the second piece shown above (medium) is still available, at $12/single.
Warthog tusks cannot be shipped to the State of California.

*warthog tusks*

Lower jaw warthog tusks that are triangular in cross-section like boar's tusks.
The pieces shown in this particular image have SOLD; it is still posted for reference only.
Skinny ones are typically $10/each, medium ones are $12/each, and large ones are $15/each.
We do have one skinny triangular warthog tusk left is stock;
it is broken on the back section such that one of the three faces is missing. It is $10.
Warthog tusks cannot be shipped to the State of California.

*boar tusks boar's tusk*

Boar tusks average $5-20/each, depending on size and quality.
Boar's tusks are triangular in cross-section, making measuring challenging.
Our latest selection of boar's tusks can be seen below; the pieces above have SOLD.
Prices for boar's tusks are double for retail customers.

*horn capped boar tusk pairs*

Boar tusk pairs that have their open ends capped (closed off) with water buffalo horn.
These exact pieces have SOLD, but we have more as shown below.

*6 capped boar tusks*

Here are some EXACT pieces of boar tusks we still have available!
These six pieces are boar tusks with horn caps on the ends ($13/each piece).
Please click on this smaller thumbnail to view a larger image.
Unlike the scans, this photo is not posted at exact size, although close to it.

Boar's tusks like the ones above, but open at the backs (without the caps)
run about $13-$16/each, or $18-$20 for a bit bigger.

*last 20 boars tusk*

A large boar's tusk. $20. Also shown below.

*final boars tusks*

Here are some EXACT pieces of boar tusks we still have available!
$20 for the big piece, $5/each for the small pieces.
Unlike the scans, this photo is not posted at exact size.

*itty bitty TINY small boars tusks*

Very small boar's tusks. $5/each. Only two left as shown above!

*2 and 6 large boar tusks*

Here are some EXACT pieces of boar tusks we still have available!
The are the largest two we have ($18/each).
There is a hairline crack each near the open back ends.
Tips have been sharpened; some sanding marks are present.
Please click on this smaller thumbnail to view a larger image.
Unlike the scans, this photo is not posted at exact size, although close to it.

*4 medium boar tusks*

Here are some EXACT pieces of boar tusks we still have available!
This image shows four medium boar tusks, all facing the same direction. $15/piece.
Please click on this smaller thumbnail to view a larger image.
Unlike the scans, this photo is not posted at exact size, although close to it.

*2 medium pair boar tusks*

Here are some EXACT pieces of boar tusks we still have available!
These are two similar medium pieces; we would prefer to sell them together. $34/both pieces.
Please click on this smaller thumbnail to view a larger image.
Unlike the scans, this photo is not posted at exact size, although close to it.

*python snake ribs*

*python snake rib cluster*

Here we show python ribs, which are $2/each for medium to large ones
(smaller ones have SOLD and are not depicted).
We also have a few rare very long or quite thick snake ribs that are $5/each.
The maximum size for the thickest ones is around 9ga-8ga in the center,
or 6ga at the knob end; most are smaller.

Keep in mind these are not round, but something like very flat ovals in cross-section.
Thus they are very difficult to measure. Requested measurements beyond 'large' or 'medium' will be estimates only, cost double, and you should specify if you are aiming for that measurement near the center of the rib or nearer to the larger knobby end. Most tips have minor flares.
Python ribs cannot be shipped to the State of California.
Ask about quantity discounts!

*baculum bacula raccoon bone*

*raccoon baculum bacula penis bones mandala*

These images show raccoon bacula, another word for penis bone (plural = baculum), which can be a neat alternative for smaller ear holes or for wacky septums, to wire wrap or make necklaces or other jewelry, or just for natural history purposes. This is somewhat of a smaller size for $3/each. SOLD OUT
Please click on the lower image of the baculum mandala to view a large one,
although it has not been posted at life size.

Baculum are found in a surprisingly large amount of mammals, including rodents, bats, bears, seals, walruses (the Inuit term for walrus bacula was oosik), otters, beavers, badgers, foxes, minks, raccoons, shrews, hedgehogs, wolves, coyotes, dogs, and many primates (but not humans!).
Incidentally, female capuchin monkeys, mice, and at least some chipmunks and squirrels, have an 'os clitoris,' which is a clitoris bone! The term for this is a baubellum, which means gem or jewel.

*bone tapers taper shaped ear plugs*

The bone tapers shown above are now only $3/each piece (singles), marked down from $6/each.
Pairs are available for $6/pair, marked down from $12/pair... that's HALF OFF!
Some people have also used these as bone necklace components.
Ask about quantity discounts!

The first bone taper type has carved grooves,
and measure from 18-22/64" (around 1ga to >0ga) at the widest parts,
and are just over 2" in length. They are drilled lengthwise like beads.

The second, slightly bent bone tapered talons,
can be from <0ga to >00ga on the largest part of the wearing surfaces.

The third, straight long bone engraved tapers,
can measure from >2ga to 00ga on the largest part of the wearing surfaces near the engraved lines and X's.

*horn hairpipes beads tapers septum tusk*

Water buffalo horn double tapered cylinders/hairpipes. Now only $1/each (they were $2).
Most taper from >0ga at either end to >00ga in the middle.
We have MANY the are inbetween 0ga and 00ga in the middle.
Only one is left that is as small as ≥0ga in the middle.
They are drilled lengthwise like beads - the hole in the center is approximately 1/8".

*real goat horns*

Real horns - probably goat, though sheep have not been ruled out.
Great for costumes and mask-making! $20/two pieces. SOLD

*cow horns*
*new cow horns Indian*
*whole cow horn*

Whole polished mostly black cow horns from India average approximately 9" long. $10/each.
Longer mottled brown and white ones from the States run around $15/each.
We are currently out of cow horns - ask to be placed on the wait list for when they come back in stock!
Water buffalo horns are also occasionally available, but are longer and a bit more expensive.
Extra shipping fee may apply due to their weight and size.

Click on these small images to view larger images;
only the third image will be shown at life size, the other photos are not posted at life size.
These would be great for displays that also contain horn body jewelry,
or lined with beeswax and used as traditional drinking horns!

*raccoon skull SIDE VIEW* *old coyote skull SIDE VIEW*

Raccoon ($25) and coyote ($40) skulls.
Please click on these images to view larger versions (not to scale).
Teeth, and connection between the two jaw bones, tend to loosen over time.

*goat skull brassy round 2*
*goat skull silvery round 2*

*goat skull brassy round 2*
*goat skull silvery round 2*

Nepalese decorated goat skulls!!!
Each skull will vary quite a bit from skull to skull and from what you see here. Not shown at life size.
$125/each, plus extra shipping, which varies by zone and type of shipping (perhaps around $15-$20). Please note that it is common for some of the bits to be missing or come loose during shipping; this should be expected.
All goat skulls have currently SOLD; please let us know if you would like to be on the wait list.


:: SHELL ::

*spaceship UFO alien seashells sea shells*

Spaceship/UFO-looking sea urchin shells. $10/each.
I believe these are Phyllacanthus imperialis aka imperial, land mine, or sputnik urchins.

*spiral cut gorgeous sea shells*

Gorgeous polished spiral cut white sea shells. $10/each.
I believe these are Trochus niloticus aka top snail shells.

*nautilus shell spiral geometry*

Nautilus shells cut in half to exhibit their amazing natural spiral geometry. $25/half.
Please click on this thumbnail-sized image to view a splendid image at full size.
As these are delicate, they must be sent by Priority Mail and we strongly suggest adding insurance.

*white dentalium shells tapers*

White hollow dentalium shells (dentalia is the plural) were highly valued by Native Americans, and used extensively in trade and ornamentation, including necklaces, chokers, breast plates, headdresses, and earrings. They are harvested on the coast of the Pacific Northwest and traded throughout North America.
These are mildly taper shaped, and are $3/whole ones (SOLD), and $1/sections.
The sections can look like the two pieces on the bottom row or even shorter.
The largest ones are <0ga maximum at the biggest part; most are smaller.

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